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Drug Testing ala Pinoy

Philippines driving license is easy to get, provided you pass the drug testing exam in flying colours. D was trying to get his driving license and we were directed to this center. First he thought he could pay some money to get everything done. Apparently that can’t be done.

Small centers like this are swarming around the Department of Transport. But isn’t it a weird regulation? Anybody can stop taking drugs for a week or so, take the test, get the license and go back to drugging. That just doesn’t make any sense.



Another Wet Day

It is now officially flooding. The rain has not stopped since Feb 11th. The humidity is almost 100 percent. The laundry is suffering and I no longer have clean clothes. I think everybody has enough of my whining about the weather.


The office provided the staff rubber boots last night. Those are D’s. I doubt they have size as small as mine so I guess I will just have to swim my way home.


No plane has landed for five days in a row now. They would try to fly from Manila, but none has managed to land so far. The pilots would circle above the airport and then fly back to Manila. They said it is because of the visibility problem caused by the rain and fog, also by the length of the runway makes it almost impossible to land the plane in this weather.

It does make me appreciate the hot weather in Medan. Nowhere is like home, isn’t it.

Anyway, they said the weather should be clearing up by the end of the week. Yay!

Chinese New Year at the House of Red

Chinese New Year last week at home was as festive as usual. Lion dance group came and performed. Guests came for the show and communal lunch and dinner. My red pockets were at minimal amount – tough personal finance generally. But things are going to be good this year so hopefully will make up for it next year.  


mini mandarin oranges symbol of luck and gold


table setting at the house of red


living room of the house of red


main foyer of the house or red


lion dance group arriving


getting ready for the show


almost set


ready to roll


 lion dance at the house or red


more dance


 acrobatic moves

Where? When? Why?


I had been gone for a while. Below are my excuses. Please read on …

Shopping for Chinese New Year goodies till I dropped and burned a big hole in my wallet

Helping my mother decorate the house with red lucky trinkets – she was indecisive by nature, so after weeks of decorating, she still took them on and off, which was very annoying

Speeding up unresolved issues at work so I could leave for holiday in peace and come back in one piece. I actually worry people at work are going to forget about me because I have never gone anywhere for this long

Chinese New Year party at home lasted for 10 hours. Photos will be coming tomorrow – I forgot to bring my camera today

Trips to 5 airports in 4 different cities, 3 countries in 2 days’ time was not a pleasant trip. It left me exhausted and jetlagged for days

When got to Legaspi City, Philippines, we took road trip to whale shark watching. That would be two more days of instability without internet connection

D got serious food poisoning and we spent two days in hospital. Again, no internet connection

Now I am settled down nicely (hopefully, no more surprises there) and ready to begin posting and sharing. And armed with D’s office internet connection, things will be back to normal, I think. I’ll never know. Life is full of surprises I can hardly keep up with …  

Liverpool 8

I absolutely adore the song. I have not listened to the whole album, but I think Starr did a great job on Liverpool 8. It does not have the quality of the great song ala Alanis Morisette’ or Norah Jones’ my favourites.

It is a sweet song, pop like with interesting rythmic and easy to enjoy. No surprises, just plain old music. Just like coming home.

Fortune Cat

The beckoning cat seen in variety of Chinese / Asian owned businesses around the world is called Maneki Neko. In English it is called a lot of names as Beckoning Cat, Welcoming Cat, Lucky Cat or even Fortune Cat. Contrary to my original belief, it is actually a Japanese origin, supposed to bring luck to the owner. It takes a shape of a bobtail beckoning with upright paw with some sort of decoration around the neck, such as collar, bib, neckerchief or a bell. Most precious ones are made from ceramic or porcelain. Mine, as cheap as I am, is made from plastic pretending to be solid gold. 😛


 The legend of the lucky cat is a story from 17th century from a temple at outskirt of Tokyo. The temple was rundown and kept by a very poor priest. He shared what he had with his pet cat, Tama. One day, a wealthy and important man was caught in the middle of thunder storm while hunting and he took refuge under a big tree near the temple.

That was when he noticed a cat beckoning him to come inside the temple yard. He was so curious that he left his shelter to have a closer look at the cat. At that very moment the tree was struck by lightning. He then became friends with the priest and showered them with gifts. He also used his influence to bring many wealthy people to the Temple, and it soon became very prosperous.

When Tama died,  he was buried in the Goutokuji Temple’s cat cemetery with respect and love. A statue was made in his likeness, reflecting the beckoning, raised paw that had brought so much good fortune and prosperity to the owner.

Since then, people began placing figurines of cats with raised paws in their properties, hoping that it would bring the same kind of prosperity into their own lives, as that Tama had brought to the priest’s.

This post is dedicated to Adit

Chick Flick Weekend

A visit to the local DVD shop, unknowingly and innocently I picked up these movies. Don’t do as I did. I am no movie critic, but these are bad!


I was looking for some nice chick flicks. Turned out that they were a waste of time, and a waste of money. I am sorry, Jessica. I am sorry, Amanda and I am sorry, Jessica. Nothing personal, but you all sucks in these.

Can anyone recommend me some good new flicks?