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Drug Testing ala Pinoy

Philippines driving license is easy to get, provided you pass the drug testing exam in flying colours. D was trying to get his driving license and we were directed to this center. First he thought he could pay some money to get everything done. Apparently that can’t be done.

Small centers like this are swarming around the Department of Transport. But isn’t it a weird regulation? Anybody can stop taking drugs for a week or so, take the test, get the license and go back to drugging. That just doesn’t make any sense.



Another Wet Day

It is now officially flooding. The rain has not stopped since Feb 11th. The humidity is almost 100 percent. The laundry is suffering and I no longer have clean clothes. I think everybody has enough of my whining about the weather.


The office provided the staff rubber boots last night. Those are D’s. I doubt they have size as small as mine so I guess I will just have to swim my way home.


No plane has landed for five days in a row now. They would try to fly from Manila, but none has managed to land so far. The pilots would circle above the airport and then fly back to Manila. They said it is because of the visibility problem caused by the rain and fog, also by the length of the runway makes it almost impossible to land the plane in this weather.

It does make me appreciate the hot weather in Medan. Nowhere is like home, isn’t it.

Anyway, they said the weather should be clearing up by the end of the week. Yay!

Where? When? Why?


I had been gone for a while. Below are my excuses. Please read on …

Shopping for Chinese New Year goodies till I dropped and burned a big hole in my wallet

Helping my mother decorate the house with red lucky trinkets – she was indecisive by nature, so after weeks of decorating, she still took them on and off, which was very annoying

Speeding up unresolved issues at work so I could leave for holiday in peace and come back in one piece. I actually worry people at work are going to forget about me because I have never gone anywhere for this long

Chinese New Year party at home lasted for 10 hours. Photos will be coming tomorrow – I forgot to bring my camera today

Trips to 5 airports in 4 different cities, 3 countries in 2 days’ time was not a pleasant trip. It left me exhausted and jetlagged for days

When got to Legaspi City, Philippines, we took road trip to whale shark watching. That would be two more days of instability without internet connection

D got serious food poisoning and we spent two days in hospital. Again, no internet connection

Now I am settled down nicely (hopefully, no more surprises there) and ready to begin posting and sharing. And armed with D’s office internet connection, things will be back to normal, I think. I’ll never know. Life is full of surprises I can hardly keep up with …  

Seven Things to Approve

A tag from Ecky. This is going to be a short one, in line with the up coming Chinese New Year 🙂

  1. Red dresses (Yeah, we need to wear those. Everything inside out will need to be glaring red. My mum is that superstitious)
  2. Money pocket (It used to be fun when I was a single girl, grown ups give money pocket for unmarried souls. Now that I am married, I give them back to the other unmarried souls. Don’t expect too much from me. I am quite tight with money. Anyway, now the money pocket is not fun anymore – it means money flowing right out of my pocket!)
  3. Lion dance (Old but never failed to be loud and fun)
  4. Lanterns (Red paper lanterns are very pretty and decorative)
  5. Plum blossom (Suppose to symbolize luck, I just like them because they are pretty)
  6. Cookies, cakes, sugary drinks (Every house will be filled with overactive toddlers chocked up in carbs)
  7. Mandarin oranges (Most popular fruit item)

It’s my most favourite holiday of the year *sigh*. You are going to hear a lot more about it 🙂
I am tagging only Sandy and Jientje



Fainting Pooper is …

Girls in our family (me, my sister and my mother) have a unique medical condition called fainting pooper (or pooping fainter). My husband was the one who identified it. Whenever we have problem constipating (in the toilet), we tend to faint.

So our house has very safe-proofed toilets. No door and no sharp edges. I once hurt my head from knocking on the handwasher when falling off.


Whenever I have bad case of stomach pain or cramps, I bring my cellphone and a pillow with me to the toilet. Cellphone is to call somebody when it got really bad, and a pillow for soft landing. 🙂

I think our condition is still much better than one of my cousin’s. She faints whenever she is too excited. Yup … We are strange people …

Sorry for the silly post …

Andie is Sick

I am sick today. I was really sick this morning. I am feeling better now, but still not so great.

I have a disease called fainting pooper aka pooping fainter. It’s kind of disgusting.

Meditation for the Restless Soul

Meditation is very simple to understand as I choose to practice it regularly to help concentrating when I have problems or negative thoughts bugging me. With soothing meditation music at the background, I force to have only one thought. The positive thought is introduced to the mind so that it can feel infinite peace and happiness even only for a short period of time.

Of course in the beginning, my mind started to wander terribly after only two minutes closing my eyes. After a while, I only need to direct the mind back to the bliss two or three times of a 15 minute session.

15 minutes? It takes even longer to empty a garbage bin! To empty one’s mind for 5 minutes is harder than working physically for 1 hour. It felt like the timer on my phone will never go off. But it got easier after a couple of weeks practicing. That short time off makes me relaxed and felt detached from all the chaotic bits and pieces that are happening at work when I lock myself in my office to meditate.


 The bottom line is that our hardships are caused by the mind and mind only. When I concentrate hard to only think of good thoughts, I can feel my day lighten up. Yes, some people will say this is old news, the Law of Attraction has said that all along. But it never gets old to keep on reminding myself. Again, easier said than done!

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