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Chinese New Year at the House of Red

Chinese New Year last week at home was as festive as usual. Lion dance group came and performed. Guests came for the show and communal lunch and dinner. My red pockets were at minimal amount – tough personal finance generally. But things are going to be good this year so hopefully will make up for it next year.  


mini mandarin oranges symbol of luck and gold


table setting at the house of red


living room of the house of red


main foyer of the house or red


lion dance group arriving


getting ready for the show


almost set


ready to roll


 lion dance at the house or red


more dance


 acrobatic moves


Where? When? Why?


I had been gone for a while. Below are my excuses. Please read on …

Shopping for Chinese New Year goodies till I dropped and burned a big hole in my wallet

Helping my mother decorate the house with red lucky trinkets – she was indecisive by nature, so after weeks of decorating, she still took them on and off, which was very annoying

Speeding up unresolved issues at work so I could leave for holiday in peace and come back in one piece. I actually worry people at work are going to forget about me because I have never gone anywhere for this long

Chinese New Year party at home lasted for 10 hours. Photos will be coming tomorrow – I forgot to bring my camera today

Trips to 5 airports in 4 different cities, 3 countries in 2 days’ time was not a pleasant trip. It left me exhausted and jetlagged for days

When got to Legaspi City, Philippines, we took road trip to whale shark watching. That would be two more days of instability without internet connection

D got serious food poisoning and we spent two days in hospital. Again, no internet connection

Now I am settled down nicely (hopefully, no more surprises there) and ready to begin posting and sharing. And armed with D’s office internet connection, things will be back to normal, I think. I’ll never know. Life is full of surprises I can hardly keep up with …  

Seven Things to Approve

A tag from Ecky. This is going to be a short one, in line with the up coming Chinese New Year 🙂

  1. Red dresses (Yeah, we need to wear those. Everything inside out will need to be glaring red. My mum is that superstitious)
  2. Money pocket (It used to be fun when I was a single girl, grown ups give money pocket for unmarried souls. Now that I am married, I give them back to the other unmarried souls. Don’t expect too much from me. I am quite tight with money. Anyway, now the money pocket is not fun anymore – it means money flowing right out of my pocket!)
  3. Lion dance (Old but never failed to be loud and fun)
  4. Lanterns (Red paper lanterns are very pretty and decorative)
  5. Plum blossom (Suppose to symbolize luck, I just like them because they are pretty)
  6. Cookies, cakes, sugary drinks (Every house will be filled with overactive toddlers chocked up in carbs)
  7. Mandarin oranges (Most popular fruit item)

It’s my most favourite holiday of the year *sigh*. You are going to hear a lot more about it 🙂
I am tagging only Sandy and Jientje



Holiday of February 2008

Finally, my leave request has been approved by the management. I will have one month holiday to visit D in Philippine.

O N E M O N T H!

It just sounds too good to be true. So to make it official as quickly as possible, I will book my flight ASAP.

I can’t wait to go and start my life as ‘wife-posing-as-temporary-expat’ in the Philippines. It will be fun as I try to perform my wifely duty. Stay home and wait for the husband. But … Yay!!


Will I be visiting this?

goofs of nutcracker

In local newspaper last week, there’s a photo featuring the smallest nutcracker in the world. Funnily, it didn’t say nutcracker. It was said ‘pemecah kacang‘ – literal translation of ‘nutcracker’ in Indonesian.


nutcracker ala andie

I was like … What?? I thought it was a name of a holiday toy which is a wooden carving of a soldier. Then I found out that the toy originally could be used to crack nuts! Nuts can be put in the big mouth (by lifting the lever at the back of the toy). When the lever was pressed down, the nuts cracked.


nutcracker ala steinbach

Nutcrackers are not everyday toys for us. I have never seen them before. So it’s cool that I don’t know anything about them. But the article was kind of misleading in a way. They should explain what it actually is. Why it’s called nutcracker and such and such. Goof readers like me can easily get confused. And I thought the newspaper editors were being stupid.

I think it’s smart to use the soldiers and knights to crack nuts. The nuts eaters like me can feel like royalty 😛

business ideas for christmas

It’s nearing that fun time of the year. Christmas with trees and pretty lights. For me, personally, Christmas time is time to make money ($$$). Since I am still a big admirer of the boring old economy, I have some seasonal money-making tips for girls alike who love shopping and crafty stuff with good-exploitable network.  It is easy and requires little effort, lots of creativity and heaps of fun!

  • christmas shopping service – not everybody likes shopping, I actually have met some people who hate Christmas shopping and I gladly offer my help. Of course they are close friends and families so I can’t charge them anything, but if I can do it properly, it would be extremely fun

  • gift basket service – this is old news, but if done properly, will be profitable source of extra income for the season. It can be floral arrangement, food, spa products, snacks, wine and cheese set, fruit. If don’t know how to make one, practice now – Owner of site, Shirley G. Frazier wrote really good book on starting business in this area. I bought the book two years ago and have put it in good use since

  • holiday food sales– this is for those who bake and actually good in it (or either have friends who bake real well/ access to producers of good quality holiday food such as Christmas’ cakes, fruit cake, cheese cakes, yule log, cookies). You can market their food products and get a little margin for yourself!


More tips :

  • Packaging and design are important – this is where individual creativity makes a whole lot of difference!

  • Make lots of friends

  • Even those are done in normal ways, if combined with internet, would give much better result, I think

  • Start early – you have great advantage if you market your services before other businesses begin their Christmas programs