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Chinese New Year at the House of Red

Chinese New Year last week at home was as festive as usual. Lion dance group came and performed. Guests came for the show and communal lunch and dinner. My red pockets were at minimal amount – tough personal finance generally. But things are going to be good this year so hopefully will make up for it next year.  


mini mandarin oranges symbol of luck and gold


table setting at the house of red


living room of the house of red


main foyer of the house or red


lion dance group arriving


getting ready for the show


almost set


ready to roll


 lion dance at the house or red


more dance


 acrobatic moves


Cherry Blossom


With all the cost cutting going on around work, I managed to come up with a cheap solution for the shop decoration. I snapped a dead mango tree somewhere, painted it red. Using glue gun, I added some fake flowers. Add some cheap lanterns. And some decorative bread buns for personal touch. Voala … festive and cheap.

Seven Things to Approve

A tag from Ecky. This is going to be a short one, in line with the up coming Chinese New Year 🙂

  1. Red dresses (Yeah, we need to wear those. Everything inside out will need to be glaring red. My mum is that superstitious)
  2. Money pocket (It used to be fun when I was a single girl, grown ups give money pocket for unmarried souls. Now that I am married, I give them back to the other unmarried souls. Don’t expect too much from me. I am quite tight with money. Anyway, now the money pocket is not fun anymore – it means money flowing right out of my pocket!)
  3. Lion dance (Old but never failed to be loud and fun)
  4. Lanterns (Red paper lanterns are very pretty and decorative)
  5. Plum blossom (Suppose to symbolize luck, I just like them because they are pretty)
  6. Cookies, cakes, sugary drinks (Every house will be filled with overactive toddlers chocked up in carbs)
  7. Mandarin oranges (Most popular fruit item)

It’s my most favourite holiday of the year *sigh*. You are going to hear a lot more about it 🙂
I am tagging only Sandy and Jientje