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thursday ramblings

Once a week I reward myself by posting something really blabla about my week. It’s always gonna be on thursdays. Why? Because it is not exactly weekdays and not yet weekends. That’s really driving me nuts! Here’s the blablas.   

It’s public holiday. Haj New Year. And also this is going to be 10 busiest days of the year period. So … I will need all the coffee and all the patience in the world to help me get through this. Usually there will be a lot of yelling and nagging (in public) and litres of tears (in private) on my side.

There will also be no fancy photos taken. But there will be lame photos posted since the nice camera is now in Shanghai with the rest of the family. I will try documented the hectic days of my other-wise-fabulous life with the limited-and-really-bad-quality camera on my Nokia E61i. I personally think the camera feature doesn’t worth a damn! Maybe I can reward myself with a nice camera end of this year … 😛

I am thinking of buying some plants and fish for the office. Maybe I can cheer the place up. So far, it has been very dry and depressing. But me as a pet-and-plant killer, might not be such a sound idea. Heck, it will be a challenge. Let’s go and check them out!

I have finally finished Little Women from last week’s reading list. At the end of the book, I wept like a baby. Very mature, Andie.