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Liverpool 8

I absolutely adore the song. I have not listened to the whole album, but I think StarrĀ did a great job on Liverpool 8. It does not have the quality of the great song ala Alanis Morisette’ or Norah Jones’ my favourites.

It is a sweet song, pop like with interesting rythmic and easy to enjoy. No surprises, just plain old music. Just like coming home.


Get Smurf-ifed

I am a fan of The Smurf. What’s there not to like?

They are blue. They are three-apple-tall. They are from Europe. They live in mushroom houses. They are the one of the cutest creatures ever created.

The Smurf is celebrating their 50th year anniversary this year. Certainly brings back good old memories when we have to fight over battered and old comic strips.

The Smurfs (originally Les Schtroumpfs in French) are a group of fictional characters who live in the woods, created by Pierre Culliford aka Peyo from Belgium.


Artsy Afternoon

This afternoon I managed to steal a couple of hours off work to replenish my painting supplies.

It is near impossible to buy artists’ quality paints in the city so a group of young artists open a small painting supplies shop plus gallery to cater for the groups’ needs. I don’t normally shop there as they have limited colours and collection, but when I need some urgently, I would get them at their shop.

Long story short, I saw some quite good pieces by this new young artist that I have always liked. His works have improved quite a lot since the last time I met him. (I am sorry for the bad quality of the photos taken. There were windows on every corner, which explains the unnecessary glares)

Art is subjective, what ticks me off might not arouse others.

my favourite




cool and bold strokes

footprint by charcoal


this is the biggest one of the whole lot

love this!