Meditation for the Restless Soul

Meditation is very simple to understand as I choose to practice it regularly to help concentrating when I have problems or negative thoughts bugging me. With soothing meditation music at the background, I force to have only one thought. The positive thought is introduced to the mind so that it can feel infinite peace and happiness even only for a short period of time.

Of course in the beginning, my mind started to wander terribly after only two minutes closing my eyes. After a while, I only need to direct the mind back to the bliss two or three times of a 15 minute session.

15 minutes? It takes even longer to empty a garbage bin! To empty one’s mind for 5 minutes is harder than working physically for 1 hour. It felt like the timer on my phone will never go off. But it got easier after a couple of weeks practicing. That short time off makes me relaxed and felt detached from all the chaotic bits and pieces that are happening at work when I lock myself in my office to meditate.


 The bottom line is that our hardships are caused by the mind and mind only. When I concentrate hard to only think of good thoughts, I can feel my day lighten up. Yes, some people will say this is old news, the Law of Attraction has said that all along. But it never gets old to keep on reminding myself. Again, easier said than done!

Ananda Marga offers free e-course on Meditation and Yoga Philosophy.


1 Response to “Meditation for the Restless Soul”

  1. 1 bonnie2405 January 9, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    wahhh two thumbs!
    it is indeed not easy at all to do meditation. Tried it couple of times but still not so succesful. My mind still wander everywhere instead of focusing on what i want :(. Well hopefully this year will be bit different.

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