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Handwriting and Character

You have a pen in hand but you are showing something of your own character. The very style of one handwriting is an element in the determination of character. The way in which a man dashes of a letter is very much the way in which a man uses his voice. There is a modulated ease in the tones of the handwriting. Without professing to be experts like Messrs. Chabot and Netherclift, we can certainly gather a general idea of character from the handwriting. A minister was commenting on a very strong dispatch in the presence of his sovereign. “The language is strong” said the statement. “but the writer does not mean it; he is irresolute.” “Whence do you see irresolution?” said the King. “In his n‘s and g‘s, please your Majesty.” Only it is to be said that a great deal of humbug is often talked by people who profess to be judges of handwriting. I showed a professor of calligraphy a letter which I had received. He took a very unfavorable view of the handwriting. It was the handwriting of a man without learning, without genius, without feeling. “And now, Sir,” I said, “will you look at the signature?” The letter was written by Lord Macaulay. – London Society

From The New York Times , Published January 23, 1881


Lord Macaulay was a nineteenth century English poet, historian, politician and Member of Parliament, who wrote extensively as an essayist and reviewer, and on British history.

I had a difficult time today in accessing some cash reports handed in by administrative staff, prompted me to do some quick research on the topic. Some of the handwritings I encountered with today was quite illegible. It is rather upsetting to see how ones can be ingnorant and not realizing that when work to be handed to employer has to reflect the very best, if not in content, most certainly in appearance.

Maybe the article quoted above did prove that handwriting and character were believed to be irrelevant in judging one’s character. But in my personal view, it does. Handwriting says a lot on somone’s self expression, aside from the fact that this particular skill will be obsolete in fifty year’s time, with the falling prices of personal computer and printers. If one cannot express oneself clearly in simple handwritten notes, what else is there to be said? Written language along with spoken language are inseparable variables of linguistics. They are the very nature that make us the most special creature in the planet.


Liverpool 8

I absolutely adore the song. I have not listened to the whole album, but I think Starr did a great job on Liverpool 8. It does not have the quality of the great song ala Alanis Morisette’ or Norah Jones’ my favourites.

It is a sweet song, pop like with interesting rythmic and easy to enjoy. No surprises, just plain old music. Just like coming home.

Meme and Strawberries

Blogging tag from Paris Beaverbanks

What is your blogging name?

Andie Summerkiss

When did you start blogging, exact date?

I did some awkward posts in Blogspot mid of September 2007. Then I moved to WordPress, to Goofy Andie and then moved to here. Yeah, I am flaky – can’t seem to decide what I want most of the time. I would say 30th September is my first post

What was your first title ?

The first title in Goofy Andie is Pink October. About breast cancer awareness month.

Which posting do you feel is the best post so far?

About” 🙂 It gets the most hit – statistically. That says a lot about my writing skill.

Who promote/is the source of inspiration for you to blog?

My husband is my listening ear. He is not here so I desperately need a pair. Then I got tens of pairs now.

When do you usually post entries ?

I am all over the place. Morning, afternoon, night

Where would you prefer to be when you are blogging?

I would love to get one of those water resistant laptop so I can blog when in warm bubble bath

Have you met other bloggers? Who?

Nope. I might meet Rinnah soon. That would be exciting!

In the mean time, let’s see what’s cooking in Andie’s kitchen

My first ever strawberry jam, made it from scratch – strawberry, sugar and lemon juice. We have a bit of surplus at the garden. Do you know that most commercial spread are made of only 10 percent real strawberries? They put a whole lot of other stuff in there, like tomatoes and papayas.

Fruit of love – Strawberries dipped in chocolate

How many entries you made in a month?

I am part of the insane program of Blog 365. So you do the calculating.

Would you reveal your face or your family in your blog?

I would like to say no, but I did. I think I am going to put it up again. My family photos were splattered in some posts I did last year.

Would you promote your friends to blog? Why?

No. I don’t have many friends who like to sit in front of computers. I am the one and only one. I am not sure if they have ever heard of web log. Plus, I don’t want them to read my complaints on them.

Would you feel restless / guilty conscious, incomplete if you didn’t blog for a month?

I feel guilty everytime I miss a day of Blog 365! So that explains all the back-dated posts. 😛

Define blogging!

Great place to let off steam, to brag, to lie, to cry, to laugh and to hugs!

I am going to spare my tag buddies this time 🙂

Bank Mandiri – Colonial Style

Last week I paid a visit to a local bank. I took pictures using my phone – hence not very good quality, as always. This bank is located in a very old Dutch-style building. The bank has not changed the interior of the building and make use almost all of the old structure.

It is an amazing building. They even retain the wooden panels for windows, colourful mosaic tile on the floor and even the ducting system is not changed. I just love it.


Cherry Blossom


With all the cost cutting going on around work, I managed to come up with a cheap solution for the shop decoration. I snapped a dead mango tree somewhere, painted it red. Using glue gun, I added some fake flowers. Add some cheap lanterns. And some decorative bread buns for personal touch. Voala … festive and cheap.

Driving Medan Style

What to expect when stopping at traffic light while driving in Medan, Indonesia

Somebody is definitely trying to sell you some water, cigarettes or snacks and toys. This is an amateur act by the salesboys and easiest to rid off, you just wave your hand to dismiss them.

A group of underage children will come and crowd around the car to ask for money. You can rid of this by using the tactic above.

Somebody will try to do a one-minute sing-a-long show and of course, the entertainment is not free. You will have to pay if you appeared to be listening.

One will even hurry with a feather duster in hand and give your car a quick brush and then ask money for the vigorous labour. I am voting this as my most hated stunt because I can’t get them to not do it. Of course I sit scared in my car, praying the light will turn green soon.


There is one fellow who walked around the main streets carrying a plastic bag full of something (I never have the priviledge to peek what’s inside). When the cars stop, he will approach the fancy cars and ask for money. If any refuses to give, he will scratch the car using some tin or he will put nuts and bolts on the hood of the car which sometimes ruin the paint of the car.

So far, I have not heard of burglary or carjacking at traffic light yet. I think that’s a good thing.

Two Awards, A Tag and A Forum

A short post to keep up with new stuff happening in my blogging life this week

Beautiful Sandy at gave me this beautiful award and also Jientje at Heaven in Belgium

makemydayaward_2-fromannie.jpg  makemydayaward_2-fromannie.jpg 

And the award will be passed to Jennic, Adit, Paris, HappySurfer, Albie, Ecky and Colson.  

Paris Beaverbanks passed me a wonderful tag on blogging and history (will post it up soon, and also passing it around)

Anita Carmencita invited me to join her IndonesianExpat Forum as contributor (nothing is there yet but soon)

Also, Lotus Caroll at Sarcasticmom is coming out as one of the finalists of the 8th annual Weblog Awards- the 2008 Bloggies for the Best New Weblog. That is so exciting!

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

I am quite excited that my blogging life is as busy as my real life now. 🙂