thursday’s random thoughts

  • I managed to finish watching 24 season 6 in two nights – that’s my excuse to be blog-less
  • Ugly Betty must be one strange show, I just watched the episode where Daniel’s brother who’s supposed to be killed in skiing accident has undergone gender change and now magically turned into a hot woman! And I had just started to like the show ..
  • If PETA is against cruelty against animal and I am totally agree with them, is it wrong when I love the smell of good quality leather couch? I am not sure if I like non-leather leather couch
  • The most difficult thing to do is to choose birthday presents – sometimes people are so thoughtless in choosing gifts. But of course, something is better than nothing. A well thought gift will mean so so much more. Which is why I only get cash for my birthday presents these days. Who knows what I want better than myself?
  • What happened to Christmas cards? I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I love getting Christmas cards from snail mail. Only one friend keeps sending me one year after year. I tried looking for one to send her this year (finally), couldn’t find any. Wishing people happy holidays through e-cards and mass text messages are also fine, but they are not the same

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