a girl with credit cards



What’s with a girl with credit cards? For me, it feels like a bottomless wallet (of course, the bottom is the credit limit). I did go overboard a couple of years ago, when all I did was paying for the interest and let the lump sum owed stayed unchanged on the bill. That was one of the most stupid thing I had ever done. When my husband found out how much I owed on my cards, it shocked to the very core of him! After feeling quite embarrassed of myself, I paid off the whole thing. It took me almost two years.

This is the second month I am credit card-related debt free. *pat myself at the back*

For city girl who makes just enough for normal spending spree but always acting like a big shopper like me, it is a great achievement. Finally I can show the credit card statements off to my assistant who does my personal finances (yes, I did hide my statements and only gave out sum to be transferred every month)

My rules of thumb to keep that up :

  • Less trips to malls
  • Eat in – save up on restaurant food, most of the time means eating healthily at home
  • When eat out, no longer offer to pay for others (this hurts my reputation a bit, LOL)
  • Bring only one credit card (I carry the one with the least credit line with me)
  • Cash is king – I start using cash more, only refilling my purse once a week. When cash running low, it is red light
  • Whatever happens, always pay off everything at the end of the month. Never leave unpaid balance. That’s the root of all evil!

Fortunately, off all my girlfriends, I was the only one who suffer from the problem the most. Maybe it’s just me ..


1 Response to “a girl with credit cards”

  1. 1 happysurfer November 11, 2007 at 5:06 am

    Hi Andie, came here from LB’s. You’re doing great. Interesting blog you’ve got here – read some of your posts. Will come back for more.

    What do I get from blogging? I enjoy reading about life outside of where I am, KL, and have got to know some really great people.

    Andie : Isn’t LB great? Thanks, you really made my day!

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