low-rise jeans’ goofy moment

WARNING : Don’t read this post if you can help it. This is my second day of blogging brainstorming, which results in a stupid post like this. LOL

In the world of low-rise jeans, zipper has lost its traditional function. At the length of four to seven inches, it is merely a decoration of low-rise jeans.

But zipper is still a zipper. Functional or not, when it’s there, you have to ‘zip’ it up!

I forget about it most of the time. I will be walking around, with open zipper. Thankfully, it is a tiny zipper. Most of the time people won’t even notice it. But once in a while, kind-hearted on-looker will pull me aside and inform me of that ‘tiny’ mishap.

Pro :

  • lengthen torso
  • slimming effect
  • must-have for lower back tattoo owners

Con :

  • promote whale-tail & sagging
  • pressure on sensory nerves
  • higher “non-zipping” risk (this happens to me, mainly)

Pretty silly, but true .. Check out this fun read on this issue at The Woes of Low-Rise Jeans. Interestingly, nothing about zipper was mentioned. I guess it’s not as big a problem as it is to me. Weird..

useless trivia : Low-rise jeans are also called hip-huggers, hipsters, low-rider jeans and also low-cut jeans. Those are awful lots of names for a pair of pants with useless zipper.


1 Response to “low-rise jeans’ goofy moment”

  1. 1 sweetisu November 10, 2007 at 4:05 am

    This is TOO FUNNY!!! I’ve had my fly open one too many times. I often realize it AFTER meeting/talking to someone. And I wonder, do they think differently of me now?! Yikes.

    I love low rise pants, even though I’m short. 🙂

    Andie: Really?? I don’t know which one is worst, they actually mention it to us or just pretending not to see anything wrong. Neither is good for me, I can tell you that. LOL

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