blank blogging tips

Every blogger has his own blank day. Mine is freaking me out. Writing today’s post has been one of the hardest – maybe because I have not been writing this blog for a couple of days (work-related activity, a couple of suppliers just came down from Kuala Lumpur for a visit). For newcomer, this blog is mainly on my daily ranting. Had been sitting in front of the laptop for almost three hours, waiting for inspiration .. feeling kinda silly and empty headed. I came across a couple of great writing sites and I have concluded :



  • Keep notes everyday if encounter interesting events or sudden thoughts or burst of ideas (from andie’s original idea)
  • Brainstorm on titles, and work on the titles (stolen from Angela Booth’s Writing Blog) – when you get titles, you can work on the contents
  • As exercise, choose one topic that you can write everyday – easy and fun to write – something like a serial : like ‘I would say no to …. (you can go on for days, with one topic a day), that might keep that writing ideas flowing
  • Jakob Nielsen wrote tips of HOW TO WRITE ON WEB, worthy reading

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