food blogging

I have always been a food lover. I love going to restaurants and eateries, I love reading beautiful menus, I love eating great food and particularly I love the way they present the food. For this hobby of mine, I have decided, I will gain something from this. I wont only widen my belly size, but I will also take photos, write reviews, and share experiences with other food lovers who maybe one day visit this city, or some other places where I have been.

I keep another foodie blog here. You will see that I have not written that many.


I go to interesting places to eat, at least once a day. And I even make an effort to actually go to my favourite places to spice up the blog. Really. But, when the food comes, we (I always manage to get a victim) always dig away happily! When the food is gone, I realized, ‘oh great, we just gobbled down everything without even taking pictures for the blog’. So the whole experience, again, become a useless experience and only result in another … weight gain. This actually happens 8 times for the last month. LOL.

That is the reason why my foodie blog looks deserted. Because I forget everything once I see food. *shrug – not cool, andie*


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