a scared nation?


An excerpt of local newspaper in Medan. Shows the movies now playing in cinema third week of October 2007. There are currently five local produced movies, four of them are ghosts’ movies.

The first one – Sundel Bolong (rough tranlation in english : hollow bitch)

The second one – Pocong (rough translation : dead muslim mummy)

The third one – Kuntilanak (rough translation :  vampire or something bitchy and alive from dead)

The last one – Jalangkung (rough translation : no idea, but definately something from the dark wizard stuff)

In conclusion :

Indonesian movie goers like unatural stories, the more dead and dark the plot, the better the ratings (I don’t follow local movies that much, maybe this is the reason why – who wants to watch weird dead creature coming alive with dodgy effect and cinematography, I don’t get it)

They have questionable entertainment values. Is anybody going to let their children watch these type of movies? Is it really fun to watch dead weird vampires? Or are they just want to scare them?

If any production house or producer would actually make these movies, I am speechless. Do they have any ideals in mind except bottom line?

Movies, tvs and newspapers are media to educate a nation. I don’t think they are not doing such a good job. No wonder Indonesians behave the way they do these days.


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