self – inspect

if i can look at my self thru the eyes of other people, i wonder what i see. will i like what i see? will i approve of my views of important subjects?

isn’t that strange?

i had a serious talk with my business partner two days ago. he said that my only flaw (i would say that he would know that i have a lot, but a bit too nice to point them all out for me) is that i can’t accept people for who they are. that it is important to ‘appear’ accept people’s flaws, but it will make everything easier and much simpler if i also accept it sincerely.

i have been thinking about it for a couple of days, i still cant figure out what he meant.

it would be so great if i can see myself through his eyes.

people who tell our flaws to our face are the ones we should be grateful for. they give us chance to be better, i guess.


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