Safe and Success at Work

Want to keep your job? I hate to say this, it makes me sound hypocrite. But playing in the safe and smart way is the best trick.

How to do it?

Get to know your boss really well. What ticks him off, what excites him, what he likes .. mainly know him better than himself – if possible.

If don’t have anything smart to say, shut up and listen. That always works really well for me. Not saying anything is much better than saying the wrong or stupid things. This is a very important skill to master.

Knows when to be smart and when to play dumb. It is good to appear smart and able, but know-it-all employee sometimes can be very threatening for the boss. Who wants to have somebody who’s so much smarter working for him? I certainly don’t. So pick the right time to be smart, just not all the time.

Be indispensible. Have skills and knowledge of your work thoroughly and well so that your boss / your company can’t function as good and effectively without you.

Don’t try any of these if you have high principle and like to just be yourself. They don’t work with a lot of people. But I have seen it work quite well for some.


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