Good vs Evil , MySpace + Facebook

As two weeks ago, I am officially addicted to Facebook! It is so cute and it has a lot of gifts applications (yeah, I am a girl who likes freebies). I used to have MySpace account, but it seemed like a lifetime ago and cant seem to remember either the username or password. But both online services serve the same purpose. For posting online personal profile and for fun, mainly.
But beware. I read a magazine recently which features a smart recruiting manager and how she screens applicants. She searches their online profiles in MySpace and Facebook! She opts to go for the ones with smart and good profiles, but she almost always go for the ones with NO page at all. (huuhh??)
Remember how we like to put stupid stupid stuff in our profiles? Who would even imagine that the stupid stuff with sole intention of making fun of ourselves and amuse people who stroll through it would have such magnitude effect?
After reading it, I deleted my profile that says ‘Interest : anything but working’. It doesnt sound as funny as it did when I first posted it two weeks ago.
True story!

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